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Evaluating the impact of chemical waste: How safety and the bottom line can both benefit

This paper demonstrates that it is possible to reduce chemical costs by identifying and limiting the wastes found in dispensing, storage and application. Reducing these hidden costs will also improve productivity and health and safety in the workplace.

Waste & Hazard Walk Workbook

The Waste & Hazard Walk is a systematic facility tour which looks for ways to improve productivity and safety, with a specific focus on industrial supplies and personal protective equipment (PPE). This free download outlines how your company could benefit from a Waste & Hazard Walk.

Using LEAN techniques to cut VOC emissions

How could your company change its approach to cutting VOC hazards on the shop floor?

Seawater desalination: Current trends and challenges

Changing climate patterns, population growth pressures and the limited availability of new and inexpensive fresh water supplies are shifting the water industry's attention. In an emerging trend, the world is reaching to the ocean for fresh water. Nikolay Voutchkov from Water Globe Consulting explains recent trends and explains his predictions for the future market.

Back to basics with desalination

This is another in our occasional series of ‘basic' articles. Courtesy of the Waterworks museum in the UK, we present some brief insights into the background and development of desalination pumps. The article gives an overview of reverse osmosis and multi-stage flash process.

Tubular case pumps for desalination

Bryan Orchard discusses the use of tubular casing water feed pumps in KBS's Frankenthal plant, Germany.

Using alternate energy sources: Decentralised membrane systems

Oil and water shortages are turning attention towards alternative energy sources. Rajindar Singh looks at the potential of fuel cells as an energy source for filtration, especially with water production processes.

Wastewater pre-treatment: China looks to ultrafiltration

Flora Tong explains the role which ultrafiltration is playing as the city adapts to modern needs and an increased demand for water.

Efficient pre-treatment: Ultrafiltration in Russian power plants

This article examines ultrafiltration, as a solution to dealing with raw feed water, in Russia's power station water treatment plants.

Wastewater treatment: Efficient filtration leads to water and energy savings

This article explores how the reuse of clean water in process industries, and heating and cooling systems, can provide significant water and energy savings.

Removing bacteria from intake water

With desalination playing an important role in the provision of water, this article looks at the chlorine-based disinfection systems developed by Grundfos.

BIO-CEL®- Mechanical Cleaning Process

Listen and learn about the new BIO-CEL®- Mechanical Cleaning Process developed by MICRODYN-NADIR.