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Xylem unveils fifth generation intelligent control system

Global water technology provider, Xylem, has introduced the fifth generation HYDROVAR, an intelligent control system that accurately adapts to system demands.

The variable speed drive reduces energy consumption, helping end-users make cost and energy savings while still achieving a high system performance. The company says the new drive and motor control can reduce the energy consumption of a pump by as much as 70%.
Capable of running systems with up to eight pumps, the Hydrovar has multimaster functionality, which enables each individual pump to take control if one or more units or sensors are not active. This continuous booster system operation ensures reliable water pressure across various residential, industrial and commercial applications. 
Wear and tear caused by standard operation is minimized due to features such as its advanced motor control software that extends the life of the equipment by reducing heat. The Hydrovar also has an embedded Current Total Harmonic Distortion (THDi) filter that lengthens overall life of the equipment connected to the same grid and prevents cables from overheating, without the need for reactor filters.

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