The Xylem HM-102, part of the new Lowara Smart Pumps range.

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Xylem launches new Smart Pump range at ISH

A new ranage of Lowara smart pumps was launched by Xylem at the ISH trade fair in Germany last week

At the ISH trade show in Frankfurt, Germany, Xylem launched a new Lowara Smart Pump range equipped with built-in ultra-premium efficiency IE5 motors to achieve optimal performance in water supply and HVAC applications for commercial buildings. According to the manufacturer, the IE5 motor delivers the highest level of performance, exceeding current IE3 legislative requirements.

'Plug and play'

The new Smart Pump range is ‘plug and play’, Xylema say that it is simple to install and commission both in new and retrofit installations. The embedded electronic drive called e-SM extends the working area of a pump to maximize flexibility and improve system performance.

The drive also enables the size of the motor to be reduced, resulting in a compact footprint suitable for small spaces. It delivers power up to 1.5 kilowatts (kW) single phase input and can link as many as three pumps for increased flexibility and durability of the system.

Extreme conditions

The Smart Pump range has the capacity to handle extreme environmental conditions, up to 50o C without sacrificing performance. The e-SM drive’s embedded intelligence prevents system shocks such as the water hammer phenomenon, reducing damage and mechanical stress, and ultimately extending the life of the equipment.
The Lowara Smart Pump range comes standard with BACnet and Modbus capability for seamless building management system integration in all stand-alone configurations.

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