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Saniflo drain pump for demanding commercial applications

Waste and drainage pumping systems’ manufacturer, Saniflo, has introduced the 1-horsepower Sanicom 1 simplex drain pump for heavy-duty commercial applications.

The drain pump connects directly to high efficiency washing machines and dishwashers, and can withstand water temperatures up to 194°F, making it suitable for tough wastewater pumping installations. It is designed to pump dirty water away from demanding commercial applications, such as restaurants.
The Sanicom 1’s ability to handle high temperatures makes it a solution for commercial kitchen applications where dishwashers must operate at exceptionally high temperatures to meet health and sanitation standards.
Other applications that can benefit from the Sanicom 1 are high efficiency washing machines used in commercial applications, which can connect directly into the pump, rather than indirectly through a laundry tray, eliminating the extra cost and installation of a utility sink. In addition, the unit is specially designed to withstand liquids with highly acidic properties, such as wastewater from processing applications.


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